Charles Lugassy – Canadian Immigration consultant

The activities of immigration consultants is not regulated by federal or provincial structures of Canada. The consultants do not have licenses (their activities certified), their work cannot be controlled and often they are unprincipled, unscrupulous and unprofessional. The vast number of consultants-complete amateurs, who do not have the necessary registration documents.

Charles Lugassy possess over 20 years experience in Canadian immigration consulting. Company of Charles Lugassy specializes in providing immigration services to individuals, international business owners and entrepreneurs wishing to settle in Quebec or Canada. Linked profile.

However, all legal practitioners, consultants are part of the Professional Association of consultants, and you can always find out all personalities consultant to which you applied. Rating Adviser you can find out by calling the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
The lawyers practising in Canada is governed by the laws of the federal or provincial levels. The practice of law in the field of immigration, citizenship and refugee can only deal with lawyers, members of the Canadian Bar Association. This Association deals with all complaints to lawyers, members of the Association are laid down by the decision on disciplinary action, including economic compensation for those clients who have been victims of malpractice or professional errors. In each province there is a Bar Association where you can get a list of practicing lawyers in the province. If you plan to leave for permanent residence, you must make sure that you choose a lawyer not just a lawyer, and a member of the bar of higher legal Association of Canada.
«Immigration to Canada can be an important decision in your life. In this case it is necessary to define clearly which company to trust to your immigration process. Your partner should be firmly standing on his feet, a solid, respectable and self-respecting company. Difficult when you first visit the Office to determine exactly how much you are willing to trust this company. Therefore, we would like to give some recommendations on what question to ask for advice in the first place, to facilitate the task and make sure that you have really serious company.
Powers of local consultants limited. Local firms and consultants can count the points with the help of the Internet.

Charles Lugassy – Canadian Immigration and Business Investment consultant

The most they can do is fill out the form for you, translate documents, do not guarantee quality, and send or take them to the Embassy. No information on the status of the immigration case of Embassy they receive, as you will not be able to, since the only Canadian lawyer has the right to request the Embassy to monitor the progress of the case, the influence and the challenge of immigration officers. All correspondence with Canadian lawyers is conducted exclusively by diplomatic mail, while for private individuals and other intermediaries, correspondence with the visa section is not possible. The lawyer is responsible for the quality and accuracy of case preparation.